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Filing a Claim for Incremental Matrix Compensation Benefits

Class Members diagnosed with mild or greater mitral or aortic regurgitation by July 3, 2003, the end of the Settlement’s medical screening program, were entitled to receive Matrix compensation benefits so long as they developed a Matrix level condition by a “Matrix Payment Cut-Off Date” of December 31, 2015. A Class Member who reached a Matrix-Level condition by the Cut-Off date and was paid on a Matrix Level below Level V is entitled to step-up to higher Matrix-Level conditions and be paid the incremental dollar amount, if any, by which the Matrix payment for the higher Matrix-Level condition exceeded the Matrix payment previously received (“Eleventh Amendment Class Members”).

Eleventh Amendment Class Members may receive Incremental Matrix compensation benefits, which are the incremental dollar amount, if any, by which the Matrix Grid amount for a higher Matrix Level for a Progression Matrix Level condition exceeds the Matrix payment previously made to or on behalf of the Eleventh Amendment Class Member, pursuant to Section IV.C.3 of the Settlement Agreement.

Green Form

If a Diet Drug Recipient (or the Representative Claimant of Diet Drug Recipient) wishes to seek Incremental Matrix compensation benefits, a Green Form and supporting documentation must be completed and submitted no later than four years from the date on which the Diet Drug Recipient was first diagnosed as having the Progression Matrix Level Condition upon which the claim is based. Compensation under the Matrices is not available for conditions that are first manifested after the Class Member reaches age 80.

There are two ways to submit your Green Form and supporting documentation to the Claim Administrator:

(a) Online: Follow the instructions on the Log In page of this website for the quickest and easiest way to submit your claim electronically. If you do not have Portal access to manage claims, follow the steps for requesting access so you can fill out and submit your Green Form and supporting documentation online.

(b) By Mail: Access and print a Green Form from the Important Documents page of this website and use this address to submit your claim by mail:

Diet Drug Settlement Program
P.O. Box 85006
Richmond, VA 23285